Colorado State Funded Rehab Centers

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Call 800-496-0542 to speak with an alcohol or drug abuse counselor. provides only listings of drug and alcohol rehab centers that use government money to support people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs receive treatment or supportive services. A vast majority of drug users are in this category due to having spent all of their money on their addiction. That is why it is important for states to provide for this service.

Cities in Colorado with State Funded Rehab Centers

Aurora - A Community ReEntry Place

14221 East 4th Avenue
Aurora, CO - 80011

Centennial Mental Health Center

1291 Circle Drive
Burlington, CO - 80807

Centennial Mental Health Center

115 North Campbell Avenue
Holyoke, CO - 80734

Centennial Mental Health Center

215 South Ash Street
Yuma, CO - 80759

Centennial Mental Health Center

118 West 3rd Street
Julesburg, CO - 80737

Centennial Mental Health Center

871 East 1st Street
Akron, CO - 80720

Centennial Mental Health Center

606 Main Street
Limon, CO - 80828

Centennial Mental Health Center

211 West Main Street
Sterling, CO - 80751

Health Solutions

417 Indiana Street
Trinidad, CO - 81082

El Pueblo Boys and Girls Ranch

1 El Pueblo Ranch Way
Pueblo, CO - 81006

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Call 800-496-0542 to speak with an alcohol or drug abuse counselor

What Are State Funded Rehab Centers?

State Funded Rehab Centers, other than medicaid, are government funded rehab centers. These are low to no cost rehab centers for addicted people.

Are these State Funded Rehab Centers free?

Yes, these are very affordable or free options for those needing addiction treatment. These public assistance facilities often have waiting lists. View our FAQ and How To section for information on getting accepted in to these programs.