Nebraska State Funded Rehab Centers

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Call 800-496-0542 to speak with an alcohol or drug abuse counselor. provides only listings of drug and alcohol rehab centers that use government money to support people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs receive treatment or supportive services. A vast majority of drug users are in this category due to having spent all of their money on their addiction. That is why it is important for states to provide for this service.

Cities in Nebraska with State Funded Rehab Centers

Blue Valley Behavioral Health

116 West 19th Street
Falls City, NE - 68355
(402) 245-4458

Nebraska Mental Health Centers Beatrice

722 Court Street
Beatrice, NE - 68310

Blue Valley Mental Health Center Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services

831 F Street
Geneva, NE - 68361

Saint Monicas Project Mother and Child

- - -
Lincoln, NE - 68510

Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska Substance Abuse Program

2201 South 17th Street
Lincoln, NE - 68502

Saint Monicas Behavioral Health Services Women Therapeutic Community

2109 South 24th Street
Lincoln, NE - 68510

CenterPointe Adult Long Term Residential Prog

2220 South 10th Street
Lincoln, NE - 68502

NWIHCS/Lincoln VA Substance Use Disorders Program

600 South 70th Street
Lincoln, NE - 68510

First Step Recovery Center

300 South 68th Street Place
Lincoln, NE - 68510

Saint Monicas Outpatient Services

120 Wedgewood Drive
Lincoln, NE - 68510

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Call 800-496-0542 to speak with an alcohol or drug abuse counselor

What Are State Funded Rehab Centers?

State Funded Rehab Centers, other than medicaid, are government funded rehab centers. These are low to no cost rehab centers for addicted people.

Are these State Funded Rehab Centers free?

Yes, these are very affordable or free options for those needing addiction treatment. These public assistance facilities often have waiting lists. View our FAQ and How To section for information on getting accepted in to these programs.